Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate

A Board Spectrum Analysis of Our Product Range Can be Grouped as Follows :

  • Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate
  • Magnesium Nitrate Hexahydrate
  • Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate

QC and R & D

Being a Research Based Company, We Implement Quality Control Methods at Both Post Production as well as Pre-shipment Stages. We are equipped with the state of art, Quality Control Labs Complained to Most International Standards. At the same time we are actively associated with most academic as well as Professional Institutions locally as well as Internationally to Ensure our research & Development is at the cutting edge of our Industry.

Product :Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate

Description White Crystals
Soluble Crystals MgSO4 7H2O
Assay 99.9%
Solubility 99.9%
Insoluble Matter 0.001
PH 7.0 in 5% Solution
Chloride as CI 300ppm
Calcium as Ca 200ppm
Magnesium as Mg 9.6%
Iron as Fe 20 ppm
Lead as Pb Nil

Product : Magnesium Nitrate Heptahydrate

Description White Crystals
Soluble Crystals Mg(NO3)2 6H2O
Assay 99.20 %
Acidity 6.6 %
Chloride as CI 0.02 %
Sulphate Passes Test
Iron 10 ppm Passes
Calcium as Ca 0.30%
Copper Absent
Barium as Ba 0.01%
Magnesium Mg (905 min) 9.61 %
Nitrogen N (10.05 min) 11.02 %

Product : Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate

Description White Crystals
Soluble Crystals Ca(NO3)24H2O
M.P 450C
Assay 98 %
Insoluble Matter 0.02 %
PH 6.5
Chloride as CI Passes
Iron As Fe 5ppm
Magnesium as Mg 02
Sulphate as SO4 passes
Ca % 16.60 %
Nitrogen 11.60 %

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